Cabo San Lucas – Maria Elena Gonzalez

Cabo San Lucas

Let’s begin where it all starts: the very tip of the peninsula where the Pacific ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Here is the famous Arco of San Lucas: a delicately arching piece of rock that forms Land’s End, the end of thousands of miles of Baja coastline. Tucked right behind the arch is the romantically inclined Lover’s Beach. So named because this stretch of sand “kisses” two oceans, it’s a short water taxi ride away from Cabo San Lucas. For a few dollars, you can hop on a little boat, tell your captain when you’d like to be picked up (don’t worry, he’ll be there!) and enjoy a unique experience of swimming in two oceans, just a few feet from each other. The Sea of Cortez side is best for swimming, and be careful on the Pacific side, as waves and currents can be strong (if you’re not sure, ask your water taxista).

San Lucas’s famous Medano Beach is a must for partygoers and people watchers. Restaurants and beach clubs line the shore, and jet skis, water taxis and more zip out from the coast. This is spring break central, where the beach is best enjoyed with a tequila shot in hand. Check out some of the beach clubs here: you’ll know them by the music (choose from loud and raucous to chill-out electronica), the wide umbrellas and lounge chairs. But the great thing about Medano, easily the most accessible beach in San Lucas, is it’s size. If you’re not into carousing during the daylight hours, simply take a walk down this powdery stretch of sand. Away from the action, you’ll find it’s a great place to bring families, or watch a spectacular sunset as the sun dips below the arch. The water here is excellent for swimming: boats and water vehicles all enter and exit the water at carefully designated zones, and the tranquil water is perfect for children. Medano Beach has a little something for everyone, and is worth checking out.

Endless shopping and dining options are offered in Cabo San Lucas. The Marina offers a shopping mall called “Puerto Paraiso” where you can find the “Luxury Avenue” filled with the most exclusive where names like Carolina Herrera, Coach, Cartier, Ermenegildo Zegna, Tiffany & Co., Fendi and others are located. If after shopping you feel hungry and want to spoil yourself with a nice dinner, you’re in the right place. San Lucas offers many cuisine options that can adjust to your budget. Seafood is always fresh, Mexican food is never a bad choice, or any other cuisine is always available to satisfy your appetite. If you have some extra energy left for the night you might want to enjoy the many nightlife options offered, that go from chill out places to clubs where hardcore party people are found all year round.