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Sell your home in Cabo

Snell real estate is a team of local real estate experts ready to reveal the secrets of how we can help you sell whether you’re downsizing or growing, Snell Real Estate understands the importance of selecting a brokerage and agent who can best represent your home. Consider the following when looking for a Los Cabos brokerage to market and sell your home:


Snell Real Estate has been the leading luxury real estate brokerage in Los Cabos since 1997. With more than 47% of our leads stemming from clients and referrals, Snell Real Estate has a proven client service track record.


With a collection of the finest homes in Los Cabos, Snell Real Estate represents exclusive listings throughout Los Cabos in gated-communities like Palmilla, Querencia, Villas Del Mar, Punta Ballena, Cabo del Sol, Espiritu Del Mar, Puerto Los Cabos and more.


President and CEO Vanessa Fukunaga and the entire Snell executive and support team is committed to growing the brokerage and expanding the reach of Snell Real Estate. Vanessa stands behind her team of realtors and takes great pride in the brokerage’s accomplishments, while always anticipating growth for the future.


With each new listing gained, your Snell Real Estate realtor will create a customized marketing plan for your home. From integration into the local MLS and networking with local brokers, to creating the marketing collateral your home requires – our agents consistently exceed Seller’s expectations through exceptional follow-up, honest interactions and most importantly, finding the right buyer for your home.
Snell Real Estate invests heavily locally, internationally and globally in a variety of marketing initiatives; from print advertising, electronic and social media initiatives; to private events, brokerage partnerships and referral program. Snell Real Estate’s commitment to promoting Los Cabos, the lifestyle and the incredible properties here remains a top priority. Our commitment is to present your property in the finest of light.


Through fastidious data management, Snell Real Estate is at the forefront of forecasting trends within the Los Cabos market. Trust that all data and comps related to the selling of your home in the current market can be backed up with a history of sound, solid data.


Snell Real Estate offices are found in the most desirable locations in all of Los Cabos. Our corporate sales office is located within the Shoppes at Palmilla with three additional spaces within Villas Del Mar; a Discovery Center at Club Ninety Six and also at the One&Only Palmilla.


Our team of experienced realtors and sales professionals are Los Cabos real estate experts. Specializing in a diverse portfolio of real estate, our sales professionals have a working knowledge of not only Snell Real Estate inventory, but the entire Los Cabos market.

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Snell Real Estate’s goal is to present your Los Cabos home in the absolute finest of light throughout the sales process. Your realtor will act as ambassador of your Los Cabos home and advise to you throughout the process. Below you will find some helpful information regarding selling your home in Mexico. If at any point you have any questions, please contact me at US direct: 1-951-970-2721 or local 624-205-0506

  • What can I expect from my realtor?
  • When does marketing begin for my home?
  • Is it my realtor’s role to offer guidance regarding the state of my home?
  • How do I stage my home?
  • Should I be present during tours?
  • How do I stage my homesite?
  • How often should I expect to receive updates from my realtor?
  • How often will my home be shown?
  • Which documents are required for Snell Real Estate listings?
  • Disclosure — is there anything I can do to help the sale of my home?
  • What happens when I receive an offer on my home?

Q. What can I expect from my realtor?
A. First and foremost, expect consistent and open communication from your realtor. The goal of your realtor to represent you throughout the sales of your home. At the time of listing, your realtor will collect the pertinent information and documentation regarding your home that is required by Snell Real Estate for listing your home. An official file of your home’s documentation will be houses within the Snell Real Estate record database. Throughout this initial preparation period, your property will be photographed and entered into our database and Snell Real Estate website, along with the local MLS.

Q. When does marketing begin for my home?
A. Your realtor will work with you to create a customized marketing plan for the selling of your home or homesite.  Beyond the standard For Sale Sign (if your community allows it) and MLS and Snell Real Estate website listing, your realtor will creatively market your home through events, open houses, brochures, print and electronic advertising and more.

Q. Is it my realtor’s role to offer guidance regarding the state of my home?
A. Absolutely. Trust that your realtor understands the local real estate landscape, most notably local comps. Your realtor will make suggestions regarding listing pricing, staging and or improvements that may need to be made to the property, landscaping or pool in order to best present the home to the market.
Remember – the homes that sell first are priced right and are in great condition!

Q. How do I stage my home?
A. The objective of staging is to prepare your home in such a way that those touring it could see themselves living there.
The most important thing to do is rid your home of any clutter. Attempt to see your home through a stranger’s eyes: is there too much furniture here? Not enough accessories there? Remember, not everyone has your style and you want your home to appeal to as many people as possible.

The key to make a staged home look warm and inviting is great lighting. Work with your property management company to be certain that both your home’s indoor and outdoor lighting systems are in working order. Remember, showings happen both during the day and in the evening. Turning on indoor and outdoor lighting and fire features will contribute to the ambiance of the home.

Studies show that when all of the senses are impacted a great impression is left on individuals. A welcoming, light, fresh, clean scent is important when showing property.

Please keep in mind that all lights will be on, doors will be open, window coverings will be open, outdoor furniture pillows, music and A/C (if necessary) will be on during all tours.

Q. Should I be present during tours?
A. Please plan on being off property during all tours. This allows for potential buyers to speak freely. Rest assured that your relator can handle any objections that may arise.

Q. How do I stage my homesite?
A. It’s imperative to clear the lot making it easily traversable and free of garbage or debris. Building a platform for viewing that demonstrates to the potential purchaser the view corridor is necessary, as well.

Q. How often should I expect to receive updates from my realtor?
A. Your realtor can and will be in contact with you as frequently as you prefer.  Your realtor is happy to take calls, emails and or texts as necessary. If you have misplaced your realtor’s contact information, visit the Snell Real Estate Company Directory here.

Q. How often will my home be shown?
A. The frequency of which a home is shown is dependent on several items:

1.) Is the home available for showing, or is it rented frequently?
2.) Is the home’s property management staff available and responsive to realtor showing requests?

Obviously a rented home is not as easy to show as a vacant home. If you have renters in your home for either a short-term or long-term basis, be certain to discuss with your realtor and property management how showings will work while the guests/renters are in residence. Be specific: how much advanced notice in required before showing? Are there any blackout/non-showable days? Make certain that your realtor has ample notice of any rental dates and stipulations.
Your realtor will also work hand-in-hand with your property management company in order to fully prepare the home pre-showings. In fact, your realtor will oftentimes set a meeting with your property manager to specifically go over the pre-showing task list.

Q. Which documents are required for Snell Real Estate listings?
A. In order to prepare your listing to be represented by Snell Real Estate the following documents need to be shared with your realtor either physically or electronically:

*Copy of the Fideicomiso or Escritura (Title)
*If owner is a Legal Entity, copy of the Legal Entity documentation and 2 forms of legal ID (Passport and Drivers License) for applicable partners, officers, members able to perform on its behalf.
·  If owner is an individual, 2 forms of legal ID (Passport and Drivers License)
·  Utility Bill evidencing primary residence of Property Owner
·  Copy of Last Property Taxes Paid
·  Copy of Last Bank Trust Fees
·  Copy of Current HOA, Maintenance and or Property Management Fees
·  If in HOA, proof of current payment (amount and term covered)
·  If property was originally purchased as a homesite, Manifestation of Construction and Terminacion de Obra evidencing construction and investment for cost basis.

Note: It is highly recommended that all sellers obtain a Capital Gains study to know what the approximate tax will be upon sale of the property.

Q. Disclosure — Is there anything I can do help the sale of my home?
A. Disclosure – if there is an issue with the property that needs to be disclosed, i.e. encroaching properties, sewer or septic issues, chronic leaky roof or pool, hiddien liens – let you realtor know. All of these items could terminate a sale if and when the Buyer does a building inspection.

Q. What happens when I receive an offer on my home?
A. Your realtor will be in communication with you regarding your homes tours and activity. If an offer is received, it will be presented in a timely fashion to you. Proactively prior to the offer, considering creating a term sheet to indicate what you are willing to accept in price, terms and conditions.